Dr. S.K.Moreland, I would say Thank you for always holding my hand. The first time I sought out services through the HIM concierge was to figure out my new industry change and understand further what I was studying and career-wise what I was looking at. The first time I spoke to her, I felt deep down that she will give me the right direction and she did. Gave me a proper idea about Health Informatics and helped me get my niche as I continued to study, I would refer to her In-depth Skills Gap Analysis to understand where I need to focus. As I start out on my new career journey, I am confident that I can always come back and we figure out together how I could grow further. Thank you for the encouragement, and anyone in this industry at crossroads should seek out her expertise.

B. Namuwaya

My mentor referred me to Dr. Moreland, and I am so thankful for the referral. Right from the first call, she assured me that I had an ally I could count on to reach my goal. Dr. Moreland is unbeatable in terms of professionalism, attentiveness, patience, guidance, empathy, and support. She was always proactive and ready to provide me with the right resources and words to encourage me.

Dr. Moreland helped me discover my personality and the perfect work environment. She is bright, driven, and so easy to work with. I will not hesitate to work with her again in the future.

H. Kaba

Shakera is a rare mixture of undeniable competence and astounding amounts of genuine heart. She cares deeply about her clients and the field they inhabit, and she has the acumen to help them achieve the kind of results that will move both them and HIM as whole forward and into a better future for us all.

J. Delgado

Dr. Moreland is one of those people who you should reach out to when you need your ideas sorted out or need help making tough decisions in your career or profession.

She’s genuinely kind and empathetic while having amazing skills to empower others. She will tell you like it is, straight to the point. No fluff! Who doesn’t want this combination in a person for seeking help with important decisions - whether it’s career or business.

V. Ralla

It was recently suggested to me to contact Dr Moreland in regards to resume assistance. From our first conversation I was impressed by her professionalism and knowledge. Although I am not new to the CDI field, my experience was with the same employer. Dr Moreland really took the time to ask me about my clinical experience, years of CDI experience, and employment as a DRG validation auditor. We had an extensive conversation as she made sure to capture my knowledge, skills, and experience and translate them into the “language” of a professional resume. As a CDI it is our job to make sure the chart reflects the true clinical picture of the admission. I think Dr Moreland did a great job in making sure my resume reflected who I am as a CDI professional. I am very happy to say the first application I submitted resulted in a job offer and acceptance. I cannot thank Dr Moreland enough for her assistance and guidance. I give Dr M. 5 stars!!

B. Simpson

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Moreland recently, in trying to figure what area of the HIM profession, I was more interested in. That is where the HIM Concierge Services, HIM Microassessment comes in. Being new to the healthcare field, I found this assessment to be helpful and allowing you to see the different possibilities.

L. McCallum

Dr. S.K. Moreland is a brilliant and gifted HIM extraordinaire who really understands how to get the best out of people! I had the opportunity to speak with her for professional development, and during our conversation I noticed her biggest strengths included her faith in God, herself, and others. Not only is she accommodating but she is real. She gets straight to the point and doesn't hold anything back. Her passion and desire to see others grow professionally is so admirable. I truly look forward to keeping up with her in the near future, as she is someone who is a blessing to have in their corner. Without hesitation I can absolutely say that she is a gem in the HIM community, and is a asset to anyone and anything she touches.

T. Sherrod

After looking at a few others for resume services, I was honestly just drawn to Dr. Moreland. After actually connecting and speaking with her, I understood why! She is relatable, professional, intelligent, flexible, and accommodating. We just "clicked" and I felt like we were instant friends. She uplifts and educates, in a mother/sister type of way. I definitely feel there is so much more for me to learn from her but there just wasn't enough time. I love the resume she put together and I look forward to working with her again.

D. DIckson

Dr. S.K. Moreland, CEO of The HIM Concierge, is a God send! I was referred to her by my mentor, Shenita Freeman, and to say the least she brought what I didn’t even know I needed.

Dr. Moreland is welcoming, knowledgeable, and exceptionally professional. She is very organized and prompt with getting you set up for a session to discuss your needs, provide an assessment, listen to concerns and provide positive feedback.

She was patient and provided outstanding services! I am very pleased with the resume and cover letter provided. She interviewed me and reminded me about all I have done over the last 30 years of employment, and never gave myself credit for on my previous resume. She not only created an impressive resume, but she gave me tips on how to sell my skills during the interview process.

I could go on and on about the life changing woman, but you should already be curious enough to try her out and see what career changing advice she has in store for you.

B. Brown

Dr. S.K. Moreland is a real treasure, who is passionate about helping HIM professionals define and reach their career goals. She is very intelligent, kind, caring, creative, resourceful, professional, and quick to respond. She is available when needed, and does not hesitate to share her knowledge and advice. She loves being of service, and wants to provide value to you. I am lucky to have connected with her!

J. Ross

The HIM Concierge is the real deal! Dr. S.K. Moreland is the embodiment of the LinkedIn networking model.

She is approachable, welcoming, knowledgeable, and extremely professional.

I was quickly able to book a no-hassle evening session with her within hours of our initial connection. Our session started promptly as scheduled and she had me at hello. After taking a brief survey, she was reading me a job description that sounded like it was written just for me…before I could even finish venting about my career woes. I applied that night and by the next afternoon, I had a first interview scheduled with the hiring director.

While it is still too soon to know if I will accept the role when (offered, I can say without a doubt, that the HIM Concierge is a life changer. I would never have thought to apply for this role based on the title, but she truly heard me and showed me the way.

Wherever you are in your career journey, I highly recommend booking a session with Dr. S.K. Moreland. You will not regret it. Invest in someone who is vested in helping you soar!

L. Steed

Dr. Moreland is a excellent resource for those inspiring to take their career to the next level. She is encouraging, knowledgeable, and will mention your name in other doors to encourage further growth!

A. Mikes

I came across Shakera when she gave a very inspiring speech to WGU student's where I was getting my Bachelor's at the time. I found her on LinkedIn and she reached out and we quickly connected. She assisted me with prepping for interviews, revamped my resume and gave me the confidence I needed to go after what I wanted in my career. She also connected me with several other people who had expertise in areas she didn't. Fast forward to today, I have received a great job opportunity that will allow me to get my Epic certifications and further my career. Her knowledge of the HIM field and passion to help people were helpful to me.

T. Harris

I was randomly seeking out HIM Professionals last year on a quest for information on Data Analytics. I came across the very impressive profile of Shakera Moreland. I sent her a direct message and was totally blown away by her response time and her willingness to share not only her expertise, but to point me in the direction of other helpful resources. Since our initial contact she has regularly reached out for check-ins and has always herself available. The knowledge Shakera has shared has been invaluable. A consummate professional who genuinely cares about HIM and it’s professionals.

L. Stewart

I have known Shakera for a few months now, and her guidance is what keeps me going every day. Shakera is an amazing mentor and motivator. She is an advocate and leader for the health information management profession we hold so dear. I am thankful to lean on her for advice and to call her a friend.

Her skillset in revenue cycle management and health information integrity will continue to be an asset that our profession needs.

E. Bredy

Shakera is absolutely amazing. She has been such a great help and motivation as I am learning to navigate into my career. Her knowledge regarding this industry is superior and I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge with me as well as others.

T. Taylor