Online Instructor – Project Management

Posted 10 months ago

As an online-course instructor, you will have the unique opportunity to create and deliver your own individual course using a specified curriculum. You will be responsible for designing the course content, creating instructional materials, and providing instruction in a live online environment. In addition, you will be expected to assess student progress throughout the duration of their program and provide feedback as necessary.’

An ideal candidate should have a strong educational background in Project Management including a PMP credential, as well as practical experience in the field. They should have excellent communication and teaching skills and be able to effectively convey complex concepts to students. They should be adaptable, able to adjust their teaching style to meet the needs of each student, and proficient in using technology to enhance their lessons.

Please note:

Compensation is based on the number of students enrolled in each course and/or grants received.

The perfect candidate will possess most of these qualities:

  1. Project management expertise: Strong knowledge and education in Project Management, as well as practical experience leading and managing successful projects.
  2. Communication skills: Excellent communication and teaching skills, with the ability to effectively convey complex concepts to students.
  3. Adaptability: Ability to adjust teaching style and methods to meet the needs of each student.
  4. Proficiency in technology: Familiarity with technology and the ability to use it effectively to enhance lessons and assessments.
  5. Passion for teaching: A genuine passion for teaching and a desire to help students succeed.
  6. Professionalism: A commitment to maintaining high standards of professional conduct and reliability.
  7. Problem-solving skills: The ability to diagnose and solve problems and provide guidance to students.
  8. Positive attitude: Ability to build positive relationships with students and create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment.
  9. Real-world experience: Ability to provide real-world examples and case studies to enhance the learning experience.

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